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Engineering in Ogden ENVE Composites

21 April 2014
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Ogden is trying to bring new jobs and businesses to the community by making it attractive for light industry and new technology businesses. One area of specific focus has been sporting and outdoors lifestyle companies. ENVE Composites is a bike manufacturer that has gone from a small business to a state and international leader. Their growth from August 2012 when they arrived in Ogden to now, April is astounding with unique designs and employment opportunities.

"Everything we do is unique to ENVE," says Nielson. "Every product we create is designed and created by engineering staff in Ogden." They are a high tech industry using carbon fiber. This material is also found in fighter air craft, Tiger Wood's golf clubs, and race cars. Carbon fiber is used for its light weight, superior strength, and durability. ENVE Composite makes a wide range of carbon fiber products, most specifically handle bars, wheels, and other components. Their competitors like Reynolds, Zipp, and international companies are one reason why ENVE strives to create new designs and hire engineers, and most importantly, new designs that are created in the U.S right next to the engineers. The company just recently developed a whole new design for mountain bike wheels that is a "benchmark for the bicycle industry as a whole." Their new M Series Wheels are lightweight, durable mountain bike wheels. ENVE is really excited to get this new design out to the public and see the community members experience their work.

ENVE has done more than bring Ogden business. Scott Nielson, one of the lead engineers at ENVE, says, "I believe there is a parallel between ENVE's success and Ogden's growth." Because of this growth, Nielson sees Ogden in "the next five to ten years as a place where it will be a real destination." ENVE is very driven to create new and better designs for state of the art competition cycling. Most of their company is made of engineers, and more are getting hired every couple of weeks. "When I started," commented Scott, "there was 75 [employees]. Now there are 140 employees company wide."

ENVE is also greatly involved in the community. They are also on the Utah High School Mountain Bike board of directors. They love this position because they are able to help promote mountain biking for high school kids. ENVE is also on the Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative(UAMMI). The company is helping move Utah to become a composites manufacturing and development as part of the government's manufacturing iniative.

Ogden city officials are hopeful for the city's future with companies like ENVE to pave the way to creative design and promoting the importance of engineers in our every day lives. For more information or for ordering go to http://www.enve.com/splash.html. Show your support of the budding outdoors iniative by just having fun outdoors and enjoying Ogden's outdoors events.