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Engineering in Ogden Volagi

21 April 2014
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Do you like to bike? But are you one of those people who don't want to compete and just want to enjoy the recreation of bicycling? If so, a relatively new company has moved its headquarters to Ogden. Volagi creates bikes meant for recreational, endurance riding. Ogden City and Volagi are hoping to gain a great support from Ogden and its bikers.

Volagi began 3 ½ years ago in California, but thanks to Steve Fishburn and the Ogden City's Economic Development, Volagi has moved its headquarters to Ogden. Susan Foreman, Volagi's spokeswoman, added, "Ogden is extremely helpful in bringing cycling companies into the community." Though Volagi is a fairly young company, their growth has been tremendous. Over 3 ½ years, their distribution has spread to Australia, the UK, Canada, Japan, and the rest of the U.S.

The design in Volagi bikes is truly meant for endurance riders. Volagi founders started the company because of the lack of comfortable, but well-made bikes. They noticed bike companies making racing bikes and calling them "endurance bikes", but never making any real changes. Volagi uses a Long Bow Flex Stay and disc brakes to make a bike that is both comfortable and built for long distance rides. Because their design is so specialized, they have no competitors. Compared to the racing bikes, Volagi's bikes would be considered as more of an "art form", and art form that has been applauded by biking magazines in the U.S., Japan, and Australia.

Although Volagi is not involved in the Ogden cycling community just yet, they hope to be soon. At the moment they are trying to align themselves with the Bonneville Cycling Club and other local groups. Volagi has hired new employees from Ogden, and hopes to expand in the Ogden area by distributing through Ogden bicycle shops and gaining community support.

"Volagi is interested in the 'rest of us', the silent majority of riders that don't race, or perhaps don't have any inclination to follow racing at all. Riders that love riding and being fit, and riding all day long..."-Bicycling Australia
Support Ogden's new bike outfitter and see how their "revolution of road bikes" fits your style. To order or for more information about Volagi visit http://www.volagi.com/.