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The Infinity Pedal

21 April 2014
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Sam Hunter, an avid bicyclist, inventor, and engineer has sprung a revolutionary idea called the Infinity Pedal. The Infinity Pedal system "is the easiest and safest clip-less pedal in existence. It includes Infinite Engagement Positions and Self-Guided Engagement. What does that mean to you? Because there is no flat spot on the pedal, the pedals are much easier to get into because the pedal is always on the top Sam is basing this venture in Ogden, Utah.


Sam first thought of the idea when he was riding his bike in Ogden. "When I stopped, I couldn't get going again because I constantly missed my pedal," Sam explains. Because he's an engineer, he decided to solve the problem- and thus the Infinity Pedal. In October 2009 he was Grand Prize Winner for Grow Utah Ventures with his idea. Today he is attempting to crowd source his funding by taking pre-orders through kickstart.

Bicyclists from around the world are already hearing about the Möbius pedal Sam through his social marketing campaign and an informative website. Australia, Romania, the UK, and Canada are just a few of the places where the word has reached and bicyclists are pledging their support. Not just individual bicyclists are excited, though. Magazines like Bike Rumor, Bike Radar, Pink Bike, Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine, Gear Hungry, Adventure Journal, Road CC, and Single Track have all featured Sam in this engineering and bike find.
IF Sam's fundraising efforts are successful, then the Infinity Pedal will be the beginning of a major bicycling business. Sam says he definitely has a plan. His first goal is to acquire equipment for a cycling company to "make right here in Ogden!" Sam is really excited for the Infinity Pedal, glad that he can share a simple, light weight, and durable pedal for bikers. For you "weight weenies", there's even a titanium model that weighs only 190 grams. By the end of September, Möbius will be ready for production thanks to more than 400 project enthusiasts.

Don't let the large number fool you. Sam has until April 30th to earn $85,000 to fund the project. Go help fund the burgeoning company and learn more about the Infinity Cycle by going to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2099765898/the-infinity-pedal. Pre-order some of your own pedals and cleats for yourself. Share the word.